Mardo Masonry's body of work spans many different industries. Read below to learn more about some of our most-contracted industries.

Fully Insured and Licensed to work in both Pennsylvania and West Virginia.


You can rest assured that when you contract Mardo Masonry to do the masonry work on your commercial project that it will be done in a timely and very professional manner. Mardo's team is known for their workmanship and quality of commercial masonry projects. Our projects include many commercial office buildings, shopping malls, government buildings, hospitals, retail stores, banks and much more.


In today's thriving and ever growing market, Mardo's experience in educational construction goes unmatched in the tri-state area. Our teams of experienced and licensed professionals know how to take your new construction or addition from concept to completion. Whether you are looking for a new dormitory or seeking to upgrade an existing complex, allow our team to assist from the very beginning.

Education is not only important, but it is the foundation of our children's future. Let Mardo Masonry build this foundation with our expertise and complete construction knowledge. We will work hand-in-hand to complete the planning and workload of your new construction. Contact us today for more information or to schedule an appointment.


For our industrial clients, Mardo has worked at mine sites, power plants, and other various industrial locations. We are fully insured and possess licenses to work in both Pennsylvania and West Virginia.